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Ettan Portion  Snus
Ettan snus -Swedish smokeless tobacco snuff
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Ettan Portion  Tobacco Swedish Snus

WARNING: This product can cause gum disease and tooth loss.

Ettan smokeless tobacco product is one of the oldest Snus brands in Sweden. Originally this smokeless tobacco snus brand developed by JF Ljunglof in the early 1800’s, using his unique method and recipe and succeeded to produce high-quality snus beating all his competitors and launched his product as private label “One” in 1822 and quickly became the most popular brand. Now Swedish Match has introduced Ettan with the new elegant design but keeping the ingredients unchanged.

Ettan review makes it popular as one of the best snus in the world. One Cane contains 24 grams smokeless tobacco.

Ingredients of Ettan Portion Snus:

  • Water
  • Tobacco
  • Humectants (E 1520)
  • Taste enhancer (table salt)
  • Acidity regulator (E 500)
  • Flavour substances include
  • Smoke food flavor

Analytical Data ofEttan:
  • Water: ca 50 %
  • Nicotine: ca 8 mg/pouch
  • Salt: ca 2 %
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