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General Large Portion Snus
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General Large Portion Swedish Snus

Warning: This Product is not a safe alternative to cigarettes.
General Large portion snus is a pouch smokeless tobacco snus with a character of lemon. It is strong, elegant and one of the most popular snus brands in USA, Sweden, and many other countries. This unique Swedish Match Snuff was launched in Sweden and Norway in 1985. Sinch then General Snus remains one the best smokeless tobacco snus brands in the snus world. The general portion is complex tobacco flavor - a blend of more than 20 tobaccos topped with bergamot oil. Bergamot is a citrus fruit that provides the snus with better taste and makes General classic Swedish snus for snus users around the world.
Snus General family consists of Loose, Portion, Long, Portion Silver, Mini, Strong, Extra Strong and Onyx. One can contain 24 pouches of 1 g. The pouch bags are made of the same material as tea bags.


  • Water
  • Tobacco
  • Humectants (E 1520)
  • Taste enhancer (table salt)
  • Acidity regulator (E 500)
  • Flavour substances include.
  • Smoke food flavor.


  • Water: ca 50 %
  • Nicotine: ca 8 mg/pouch
  • Salt: ca 3 %
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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General Portion SnusGeneral Portion snus is my favorite brand. Please add latest image with more description so that customer might be able to judge your product more accurately. Written by Jone on Wed 12 Jun 2013 3:32:08 PM GMT
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