Loose Snus
Loose Snus - tobacco snus

Loose Snus - tobacco snus

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Ettan snus LooseEttan snus LooseEttan Loose snus smokeless tobacco is one of the oldest Swedish snus.
General Loose  SnusGeneral Loose Snus
A coarse Snus smokeless tobacco with a trace of lemon.
Granit Loose  snusGranit Loose snusGranit loose snus is low priced smokeless tobacco snuff product
Grovsnus LooseGrovsnus LooseGrovsnus is a coarse-grained Swedish match snus.
Gustavus Original Loose SnusGustavus Original Loose SnusGustavus original is popular for  its aroma that's mixture of flowers, sweetness and fresh citrus.
Göteborgs Rape LooseGöteborgs Rape LooseGoteborgs Rape Loose is a coarsely ground Snus with a flowery character.
Göteborg Prima Fint  LooseGöteborg Prima Fint LooseGoteborg Prima Fiint loose snus is a fine powdered smokeless swedish tobacco product.
Knox Loose SnuffKnox Loose SnuffKnox Loose Snuff is high quality snus tabak
Kronan Loose snuffKronan Loose snuffKronan loose snus is low priced swedish snus.
LD Loose SnusLD Loose SnusThe LD Original Loose Snus is a low priced smokeless tobacco product!
Probe Loose SnusProbe Loose SnusProb loose is coarsely ground Snus with a character of bourbon whiskey.
Skruf  Stark (Strong)  LooseSkruf Stark (Strong) LooseSkruf loose snus with a pure,  mild tobacco flavour and natural aromas from bergamot and rose oil.
Knekt Loose SnusKnekt Loose SnusKnekt loose snuff is made by British American Tobacco company.
Smalands Loose SnusSmalands Loose Snus
General Extra strong LooseGeneral Extra strong LooseGeneral Extra Strong Swedish loose snus is made for those want a little extra taste of smokeless!
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Loose snus is original snus. It hasn't changed for 200 years and still remains the historic foundation of the snus tradition. With loose snus the consumer shapes his pinch by hand or using a prismaster or Icetool snus portioning tools into a preferred size and shape.

Loose snus is ground in three different fraction sizes - fine, medium coarse and coarse. The fraction size affects, among other things, the taste experience and the handling. (Fine ground snus is easier to shape into a pinch than coarsely ground snus.)

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Loose Tobacco Snus

loose snus, loose snuss, loose snuff, smokeless tobacco strong loose snus Swedish snus  exists in two packaging formats, loose and portion. They are produced by Swedish Match, Skruf and Gustavus. Swedsnus.com have been offering best quality Swedish loose snus online to our customers worldwide for more than a decade. If you are a new or planning to switch from smoking to snus, contact us if you need any help. We have added to our site how to use loose snus that is useful for beginners. Our popular brands are general Swedish loose snus, ettan snus, grovsnus loose snuff, Roda Lacket, and Goteborg Rape loose snuss.

Buy Swedish smokeless tobacco loose snus online and make huge savings both money and time. What is loose snus? It is loose, moist powder which can be portioned and rolled into a spherical shape with the fingertips, or using either a prismaster tool or elegant Finish designed Icetool snus portioner. The end result is often referred to as a price (pinch) or perilla or prell (slang for price+). You can also order elegant designed icetool loose snus box to keep your snus fresh! There are both strong and mild versions of loose snuff in our collection. If you prefer more nicotine you might enjoy our strong general, skruf even ettan. Flavored loose snus varies depending on brands.

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