Low Priced Snus

Low Priced Snus

Low priced smokeless tobacco snuff such as Knox, Granit of Fielder Lundgren, LD of Gallaher, and Kronan of Swedish Match together have already gained 5 % Swedish Snus market. It has happened due to the less price with good quality of these low priced smokeless tobacco snus compared to other expensive snus!

The snus market share of Kronan has been increased to 0.2% during the last few months. Granit increased to 2,3%, LD to 2%. The attractive price, high quality and robust flavor of this snus attract modern snuffer across the world.

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Kronan Original Large Portion SnusKronan Original Large Portion SnusKronan Portion large is scandinavian smokeless chewing tobacco substitute.
Knox Portion snus LargeKnox Portion snus LargeKnox is pouch snus with a pure and strong tobacco flavor..
LD Original Portion Snus LargeLD Original Portion Snus LargeLD Original smokeless product is low priced gallaher snus ..
LD White Portion SnusLD White Portion Snus

LD White Portion Snus - Swedish low priced snuff

Granit  Maxad PortionGranit Maxad PortionMaxi Granit Large pouch snuss is a low priced Swedish smokeless..
Kronan White Portion SnusKronan White Portion SnusKronan white portion is a unique, yet classical Swedish taste and aroma..
Granit White Portion LargeGranit White Portion LargeGranit white portion has pure tobacco taste.

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