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CatchDry White Eucalyptus Mini PortionCatchDry White Eucalyptus Mini Portion

CatchDry white Eucalyptus is a pouch snus with a character of eucalyptus..

CatchDry White Licorice Mini   PortionCatchDry White Licorice Mini Portion

Catch Mini portion is a pouch snus with a character of licorice and lower moist content..

General Mini White PortionGeneral Mini White Portion

General mini white is slightly peppery with hints of citrus zest and balanced tobacco notes. 

General Strong Mini WhiteGeneral Strong Mini WhiteGeneral Strong mini white is mostly suitable for those want to use snus discretely! 
Göteborg Rape White Mini PortionGöteborg Rape White Mini Portion

Götebory Rape mini snus is distinctly aromatic with balanced tobacco character..

Mocca Lakrits Mini PouchMocca Lakrits Mini Pouch

Mini pouch snus with taste of anis.

Mocca Mint Mini PortionMocca Mint Mini PortionMini Pouch Snus with a flavour of mint.
Tre Ankare White Mini PortionTre Ankare White Mini Portion

A full bodied and distinct flavour of dark tobacco and dried herbs.

Buy Mini white Portion snus

Buy Mini white Portion snus

Snus -Mini White Portion

There are more than 7 brands of mini white portions on the snus market. All mini White snus are comparatively drier, the milder-tasting form of portion snus. The used material in this brands is not moisturized during the manufacturing process, resulting in a white, dry pouch. But the tobacco within the portion material has the same moisture content as original portion snus. Our best sellers in this category are general mini white, mocca mint, Tre Ankara, catch dry, rape, and eucalyptus.

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