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August 12, 2007# / Vol. 4#

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Swedish Snus reduces risk of cancer!

Snus is the smokeless tobacco product that will clearly reduce risk of cancer plague! So says Dr Jonathan Foulds of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and Dr Lynn Kozlowski of the University of Buffalo as is written in The Lancet.

What was shown in their studies was the unrefutable statistics stating that those that were smoking were at least ten times more prone to getting cancer than those that are snuffing away. Making it not for the first time obvious how ridiculous it is not to consider snus as a serious option when considering the health benefits from converting to it from smoking and directly challenging the current EU directive that states a ban on the tobacco product.

The only country that has still legal snus sales is Sweden and also it is still legal in US where in atleast two major cities have swedish snus being marketed.

As is quouted from the Lancet "We should not delay in allowing snus to compete with cigarettes for market share," in The Lancet in May's issue.

"The banning or exaggerated opposition to snus in cigarette-rife environments is not sound to public health policy," they wrote.

In the article projections on the cancer risks were projected on all males that were using the product and others that were smoking both in Sweden and similarly in Australia over a 20 year period. That is if the producte were to be released and introduced following an upheaveal of the ban on the product there.

As has been proven there are several carcinogens in snus and that was the original reason for the ban of the product yet the original view on the product was one that must be revoked in light of the studies that have been made on the health effects that it has.

In any case there is no comparison to the lethality of smoking...

In the study that was made of 279,897 male swedish contruction workers between the years 1978 to 1992 among whom 26% were snuffers and 37% smokers the rate of pancreatic cancer was shown to be 8,8 to 13 of a 100,000, respectively clearly showing a difference in between smoking and snuffing.

Non-smokers 3,9/100,000

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