Swedish Smokeless Tobacco Portion Snus

Swedish Smokeless Tobacco Portion Snus

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General Large Portion SnusGeneral Large Portion SnusGeneral Large portion snus is a smokeless tobacco snus with a character of lemon.
Taboca Original portionTaboca Original portionTobacco original pouch snus is produced by Scandinavian Tobacco Premium.
Grovsnus Portion SnusGrovsnus Portion SnusGrovsnus is a pouch Snus with a pure tobacco flavour. It was launched in Sweden in 1983.
Probe Portion  SnusProbe Portion SnusProb portion snus is flavoured with bourbon whiskey.
Gustavus original PortionGustavus original PortionPouch snus with a light flowery aroma and touch of citrus.
Skruf Strong  (Stark)  PortionSkruf Strong (Stark) PortionSkruf stark/strong portion snus a classic dark pouched snus with a strong taste..
Knox Portion snus LargeKnox Portion snus LargeKnox is pouch snus with a pure and strong tobacco flavor..
Kronan Original Large Portion SnusKronan Original Large Portion SnusKronan Portion large is scandinavian smokeless chewing tobacco substitute.
LD Original Portion Snus LargeLD Original Portion Snus LargeLD Original smokeless product is low priced gallaher snus ..
Skruf (Stark) Strong White PortionSkruf (Stark) Strong White Portion

Skruf Strong white is pouch snus with a pure and strong tobacco flavor..

Knox Strong (Stark) Portion SnusKnox Strong (Stark) Portion SnusKnox is pouch snus with a pure and strong tobacco flavor..
Nick and Johnny Red HotNick and Johnny Red HotStrong and full-bodied tobacco flavor, a high nicotine snus.
Kaliber Original Portion SnusKaliber Original Portion SnusKaliber is a modern, attractively high-quality low priced snus!
Jakobsson's Wintergreen Strong SnusJakobsson's Wintergreen Strong SnusJakobssons Wintergreen Strong portion is a strong  snus
Jakobsson's Melon Strong SnusJakobsson's Melon Strong SnusJakobsson's Melon Strong portion is a strong portion Swedish snus.
Jakobsson's Mint Strong SnusJakobsson's Mint Strong SnusJakobssons Mint Strong portion snus with the taste of mint.
Jakobsson's Floder Portion SnusJakobsson's Floder Portion SnusFlöder (Elderberry) is a very tasty snus, which is very popular
Knekt Portion Large SnusKnekt Portion Large SnusTraditional, mild taste of tobacco, laced with a dash of bergamot
Smalands PortionSmalands PortionSmåland is made of high quality snus..
LD Salmiak Portion Snus LargeLD Salmiak Portion Snus LargeLD Salmiak is a large portion snus with hints of bergamot and citrus.
General Extra Strong  Large SnusGeneral Extra Strong Large SnusGeneral Extra Strong contains very high level of nicotine per portion.
General Long Portion SnusGeneral Long Portion SnusSwedish Match General Long tobacco snus with flavors of real tobacco.
Ettan Portion  SnusEttan Portion SnusEttan Pouch is one of the oldest smokeless tobacco snus brands in Sweden.
General Smoky Oak Portion SnusGeneral Smoky Oak Portion Snus
General LicoriceGeneral LicoriceGeneral Licorice Portion Snus with spicy taste!
Jakobsson's Dynamite Original Extra StrongJakobsson's Dynamite Original Extra StrongJakobsson's Dynamite Original is the the Strongest Snus of all our collection!
Granit PortionGranit PortionGranit Large Original Pouch Snus with traditional flavour of slightly tobacco and lemon taste!
Granit  Maxad PortionGranit Maxad PortionMaxi Granit Large pouch snuss is a low priced Swedish smokeless..
Grovsnus Strong  PortionGrovsnus Strong Portion

Grovssnus Strong (Stark) has unique long lasting taste of Swedish Snus!

Kronan original Strong (Stark)Kronan original Strong (Stark)Kronan Original Strong Portion snus is comparatively low priced with robust taste of tobacco! 
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Shop Online Swedish Portion Snus

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Swedish Snus exists in two packaging formats, Loose and Portion snus. Moist snus is also called oral discount smokeless tobacco. We provide here most of the Portion Sonus that are produced by Swedish Match, Skruf and Gustavus. Portion snus is produced in different sizes such as Maxi Portion Snus , Large Portion Snus, and Mini Portion Snus.

Top Sellers Snus

Our top seller's snus brands are General portion snus, Ettan, Roda Lacket, Strike and General Onyx.

Swedish Snus is moist oral smokeless that is made from selected best quality, mainly, air-cured tobacco, salt, and flavor additives. According to recent studies indicate that Swedish snus cut the risk of cancer. "We should not delay in allowing snus to compete with cigarettes for the market, " Dr. Jonathan Foulds of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and Dr. Lynn Kozlowski of the University of Buffalo said in analyzing two studies published in The Lancet.

Most of the Swedish snus users prefer fresh and quality snus, therefore we do not stock snus. After receiving the orders we order snus from Swedish Match, snus producer. This may cause a days delay of delivery, but this guarantees that you will always receive fresh and quality snus. We suggest you order a few days before your stock ends. If you are looking for Loose Snus,

please click here for Swedish loose snus.

Maxi PortionMaxi Portion Smokeless Pouches tobacco Snus
Low Priced SnusThe best place to buy low priced smokeless tobacco snus online!
Mini PortionWorld class smokeless tobacco mini portion snus!

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