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Skruf  Stark (Strong)  Loose
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Skruf Strong/ Stark Loose Snus

WARNING: This product is not a safe alternative to cigarettes.

Skruf Strong Loose Snus with a pure and strong tobacco flavor containing natural aromas from bergamot and rose oil. Skruf strong snus is prepared with a larger proportion of tobacco leaves than traditional snus. The amount of nicotine in this smokeless tobacco product has increased about 10%. Skruf strong version of loose snus was launched in 2003.


  • Snus form: Loose
  • Snus content per can: 50 grams
  • Number of pouches per can: ca 24
  • Total weight for 10 cans: 660 grams   


  • Water: ca 52%
  • Nicotine: ca 9 mg/portion
  • Salt: ca 5 %
  • Sugar: <0,3 %
Ethanol:< 0,3 %
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