Swedish Nicotine Snus

Swedish Nicotine Snus

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Smokeless Nicotine Snus

Does your smoke embarrass people around you? Us nicotinist's have less end less opportunities to enjoy our cigarettes, right? And still we want to satisfy that need.

You could always try nicotine gums or patches, but why not try the real thing, but without the smoke. Try snus, the Swedish nicotine drug, smokeless and less damaging to your health.

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It's a fact that Swedish men face a lower risk of dying from tobacco related diseases than the average in Europe.

As a manner of fact, the mortality due to tobacco use is twice as high in United Kingdom and four times as high in Poland, than it is in Sweden.

Still, Swedish men use tobacco on a level with most other countries. But instead of cigarettes, they use snus (moist snuff).

Snus comes in many flavors and packages, in portions or au naturel. There are even nicotine free snus available. However, this does not give you the kick, if you are a nicotinist.

So if you care about your health, and care about your environment, quit smoking and start using snus.

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