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Instructions: How To Use Snus Accessories

Icetool is a metallic, design portioner tool for loose cuts snuff users that helps to form and put in place a pinch of snuff of right size under your lip! Click Here To Order Snus Accessories

1. Fill the Icetool with snuff

Choose the right volume and fill the Icetool with snuff.

snus accessories, snus portioner, icestool

2.Compress the snuff portion

Compress the snuff portion pushing the Icetool towards your thumb.

Icetol snuss

3. Place the snuff under your lip

Put the Icetool under your lip and place the snuff portion in right place by using the Icetool.

snuff box


* Keep dry and clean, rinse with water if necessarily
* Oil the O-ring once in a while with cooking oil
* Avoid the scratches and lumps

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Had Enough?...No Longer Want To Deal With ?... Now You Can cut down the Risk of Cancer using snus instead of Cigarette...

The Australian researcher has recently done a measurement and calculation on snuffing effects.

The amusing result which came out of all these research showed that snuffing is god for peoples in our societies. It could happen when the smokers change their habits totally and begin to use snuffs instead of smoking. Even there is a minor risk factor like non-smokers could start snuffing. The overview is that snuffing is much better than smoking. According to Associate professor Peter Nilsson, Institute of clinical science, MAS in Sweden, Snuff is god for health of the peoples in our society. Now it is medically proved. He also says, that snuffing causes less health risks than smoking.

Serious statement

Peter Nilsson, also sags that there is some risk like pancreas cancer which can be caused by snuffing. But the cause is not so serious, the sum of god and bad effects is zero. The Newsmagazine lancet is very reliable and serious resource and would never publish serious news like this without genuine evidence. However the Swedish peoples are still not united about this opinion.

Taliban attitude

The swedish peoples have different traditions about snuffing such as, the puritan attitude to snuff when the Stockholms researcher sags that it is only for lower class peoples, ugly and harmful. Through the article in LANCET discussion on snuffing been lifted up. Now for the first time, here in Sweden they had a real debate based on medical ground. Is it possible that minor risk factor would be accepted instead of bigger risk factor? It is a philosophical question!

Dr. Peter Nilsson who is in the board Doctors against tobacco answered himself below: Take this point seriously.
According to Dr. Nilsson: Snuffing causes less harm to us, even he himself never prefers snuffing. Some of the smokers might smoke a lot of ciggs a day but due to snuffing in between decreases the number of smoking frequencies. It is better than smoking 30 ciggs per day. He also sags that the statement from Australian should be taken seriously and on the basis of medical ground. There is no moral or esthetical ground behind this issue. For those who have different ideology and consciousness about This point is rather complicated in the real world.

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