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Pouch Snus

The General pouch snus, Ettan, Grovsnus, Granit, Kronan, LD are the most popular brands of Swedish Match Snus on the Snus Market.
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Loose Snus

loose Ettan Swedish snus, Göteborgs rape, Gustavus, Röda Lacket, Nick and Johnny and many more brands are available on our swedsnus.com store. Our commitments at Swedsnus.com are to offer you a quality of Swedish loose smokeless tobacco snus at excellent prices.

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Maxi Pouch snus

Now only the Granit Maxi portion snus as an extra large pouch is available  The larger snus pouches of Granit Maxi portion are perfect for those are willing to consume more nicotine!

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Portion Snus Large

All normal large portion smokeless tobacco snus such as Skruf strong masculine snus, Catch White Licorice, Eucalyptus and more. Here you find both mini and large smokeless pouch snus. You can buy smokeless tobacco snus in the USA or from any country except Finland.

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Mini Portion Snus

Catch Mini original licorice, General Mini, Knox, ld, level mini portion snus. On this page, you will find all mini portion snus and you can easily order your brand.

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Low Priced Snus

Level, Knox, Kronan and Ld original are low priced snus presented on this page so that you can easily find them...

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Chewing Tobacco

In 1500, Native Americans first introduced chewing tobacco to European settlers. This took place while Christopher Columbus and his men were visiting an island outside the coast of Venezuela....

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Nicotine Free Snus

Onico original, Onico Peppermint, Onico mini nicotine, and tobacco free snus. This snus is completely free from tobacco as well nicotine but provides the almost same feeling of normal Swedish snuff.

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Icetool Snus Portioner

Snus accessories Icetools help to form and put in place a pinch of snuff of right size under the lip. Several colors Icetools such as Icetool stainless steel, Aluminium Red, Blue, Titan, Blue Snus portioner are available!

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Snus Box

Icetool Snus Box for portion snus, Icetool snus box basic for loose snus. These boxes are really good looking and made of stainless steel. This snus accessory might be a good gift for anyone who loves snuff.

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Prismaster for Loose Snus

It is the oldest snus accessory that exists for centuries in Sweden. Prismaster is a cheap version of Swedish Match snus portioning tool that helps to form and put in place a pinch of snuff of right size under the lip. It is very well designed and easy to use.

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Dala Horse Page

Traditional Dala Horse, Red Wooden Horse,  "Old Red " wooden horse, Old Dala Black Horse, Pink and Light Blue Horse, Sotis, Jubilee Horse, Dala Old Horse Dala Wooden Rooster, Dala Horse Jewelry. On this page, we have presented all Dala horse so that you can find anyone you are looking for!

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Traditional Dala Horses

On this page, all available in five colors in 16 different sizes - Red, Blue, Black, White, Yellow and Natural Dala horses are presented in order to make easy to order. These wooden sculptures are well known not in Sweden even in the USA and other countries.

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Red Dala Horses

Swedish Dala Red wooden horses are available in sixteen different sizes: 3 cm, 5 cm, 8 cm, 11 cm, 17 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm, 34 cm, 37 cm, 42 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm and 75 cm.

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"Old Red" Dala Horses

The old red wooden Dala horses, Dalecarlian horse painted "old red"-style, designed after a 100-year-old version...

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Old Black Dala Horse

Old Black Dala horses are the genuine Swedish wooden crafts, originated in the Swedish province of Dalarna (Dalecarlia) probably in 1700's.

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