Snus worth fighting for

Snus worth fighting for

Snus worth fighting for- Swedish Smokeless tobacco snuss

Sweden's Trade Minister Ewa Björling said the EU faces all out war with Sweden if a new health directive on tobacco being hammered out at the European Commission threatens Swedish moist snuff snus.

The comment was made after leaving a one-hour meeting with Tonio Borg, the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy.

Sweden famously got a "snus exception" when it joined the Union in 1994. Several medical experts say the use of snus, which is placed under the top lip, explains the relatively low lung cancer rate of Swedish men who might otherwise be smoking cigarettes.

Millions of snus users in Scandinavia and all over the world would certainly appreciate the Swedish position, and also support the possibility to once again selling snus to the rest of Europe. One could easily see a double standard on this issue since there is no ban on using other forms of tobacco in the EU.

What measures this declaration of war will follow remains to be seen, but the harsh words used shows how important the issue is for Sweden.

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On snus site, you will always find a collection of articles related to snus and health risks for you. We encourage all our customers and snus lovers to provide us articles and their experiences of using Swedish smokeless tobacco. Swedish snuff is a moist powder tobacco product. On this Snus site, you will find free tips how to use snus. Most snus consumers in Europe know how to use snus.

There two main types of snus; original loose or l lössnus and pouch. At least 15 brands of loose snus and more than 40 brands of Pouch snus are now available on the snus market. Portion snuss is available in three different variants, namely mini, normal, and maxi large. The weights may vary, but the most sold snus labels share their weight. Mini portions weigh 0.5g, with 20 pieces per tin. Normal - or standard - portions weigh 1g, with 24 portions per tin, and maxi portions weigh 1.7g, with 17 pieces per tin.

The portion snus is very popular because it is easy to place under the upper lip compares to loose snus. But if you have snus accessories such prismaster or snus portion tool, you can portion and roll into a cylindrical or spherical shape and place easily under the upper lip.

The consumption of Swedish Snus is growing globally. Keep your eyes on snus site for free articles on snus market. Snus is sold mainly in Sweden and Norway and Denmark and is being trialed in South Africa, but can be found in outlets in various other countries frequented by Scandinavian tourists like Murmansk in Russia and other Russian Border Towns. Recently Swedish Match jointly with two major American tobacco companies has introduced several portion snus into the United States.

The total production of Swedish snus, mainly for the Scandinavian market, has been reported to be in excess of 300 million units per year. After the Norwegian government in June 2004 implemented a strict indoor smoking ban in public places, sales of snus sky-rocketed and several new variants of the product were put on the Norwegian market. When the Swedish government did the same thing in June 2005, sales of snus also increased dramatically.

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