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In America, chewing tobacco typically brings to mind two things: baseball players and cowboy movies. Chewing tobacco is one form of smokeless tobacco, and indeed, its consumption does not require smoking at all. Nevertheless, it requires the user continually to spit out the tobacco juice (this is why saloons in Westerns typically have spittoons). If you are looking for a tobacco that is both smokeless and "spitless," Swedish snus (or snuff) may be a great alternative for you.

Snus, unlike chewing tobacco, does not require the user to spit out the tobacco juice. Snus is inserted between the top lip and gum, and a small amount goes a long way, so it makes economic sense as well. Additionally, the high nicotine content has helped many people to quit smoking. (Half the snus users in Sweden are former smokers.)

Good snus, however, is difficult if not impossible to find outside of Sweden. When Swedish immigrants tried to manufacture snus in the United States, what they came up with was a poor facsimile of the real thing. Even such luminaries as Charles Lindbergh, who was of Swedish descent, missed authentic Swedish snus when it was unavailable.

SwedSnus is your home on the Web for authentic snus, wherever in the world you may live. We don't get your order from the factory until your order is placed. This guarantees that your snus will be moist upon arrival to your home. You can buy a roll of 10 tins of snus--either loose or packed--for about the same price as a carton of cigarettes. Orders to the United States usually arrive within a week of your order.


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