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Swedish Snus

Snus, or snuff, as it is more commonly known in America, became immensely popular in Sweden in the 1700s. Swedish tobacco use in general had been flourishing, until a tobacco tax was imposed in an effort to curb use. Then, in 1741, a law was passed prohibiting anyone under the age of 21 to smoke. This had the unintended effect of popularizing the use of original or loose snus. In fact, the very practice of tucking snus into your mouth--in other words, oral snus--was invented in Sweden.

Snus was expensive, and therefore used mainly by the bourgeoisie. However, once oral snus became available, usage quickly spread throughout the working classes. Swedish immigrants brought snus to the United States in the 19th and early-20th centuries. However, with few exceptions, the snus manufactured in the U.S. was of a markedly inferior quality than that produced in Sweden. One of America's biggest snus enthusiasts was famed aviator Charles Lindbergh (who is of Swedish decent), who discovered the product after one of his trans-Atlantic flights. However, he too bemoaned the poor quality of the American-made products.

The process of making Swedish Portion snus is specific and unique. Swedish snus is made from ground tobacco, water, salt, and other additives, usually for flavor. Because, in Sweden, snus is categorized as a foodstuff, there are strict regulations about its manufacture. There is, therefore, a high quality found in the Swedish products that is not found in snus products made anywhere else.

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