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Swedish Tobacco

The first home-grown tobacco crop in Sweden dates back to 1725, grown by a farmer by the name of Jonas Alstr�mer. Within a few years, he had well over 100,000 plants. Of course, prior to Alstr�mer's accomplishment, tobacco use in Sweden was already on the rise, having been initially imported to Sweden as early as 1638 by a shipping company with ties to a Swedish colony in the United States.

Within a few years of Alstr�mer's success, however, home-grown tobacco spread throughout all of Sweden. The use of snus--or snuff, as it's commonly known outside of Sweden--became increasingly popular over time, peaking in the years immediately following World War I. In 1919 alone, annual consumption was about seven pounds per person! While smoking gained in popularity after the war, causing a decline in the use of snus, the late 1960s again saw a rise in the use of snus, as the dangers of smoking became more widely known.

Swedish snus, widely regarded as the highest-quality snuff manufactured in the world, is made from ground tobacco, water, salt, and additives. The flavor of the snus depends on the precise mixing of different strains of tobacco and the additives used. Snus, in Sweden, is considered a foodstuff, so the regulations for its manufacture are highly strict and specific. This also means that when you buy Swedish snus, you can trust the product you receive.

If you live outside of Sweden, however, finding Swedish smokeless snus can be difficult, if not impossible. Until now, that is. Thanks to, you can buy authentic Swedish snus, wherever in the world you live. At SwedSnus, our mission is quite simple: to share this product with the world.


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