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There are certain products that are closely associated with the regions they come from. With coffee, it's Colombia. With diamonds, it's South Africa. And with tobacco and tobacco products, in many parts of the world, it's Sweden.

Indeed, Sweden's history with tobacco dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. In fact, by 1732, only seven years after tobacco had first been planted in the country, tobacco had taken on a central role in the Swedish economy. The 1741 ban on smoking for Swedes under 21 only increased the popularity of snuff (known in Sweden as snus), particularly among the upper classes, for whom snus was considered a luxury.

By the end of the century, however, Sweden could lay claim to one of the great milestones in snus use: the invention of oral snus. Prior to that, snus had been inhaled. The invention of oral snus allowed snus use to become both more popular and more democratic than ever. Today, Sweden is the largest Nordic market of snus, with about a million users.

SwedSnus is your online home of Swedish snus. We offer a wide range of products, both loose and portion packed. Our goal is to offer all kinds of Swedish snus online, so consumers throughout the world can buy these unique products. Only after you place an order on our website do we place the order with the factory where the snus is manufactured. That way, you are guaranteed the freshest product available. When we send your order, we take the highest precautions to make sure that it arrives at your home intact, dry, and exactly as ordered.


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Alternative to chewing tobacco - Nicotine Free Snus

Alternative to chewing tobacco - Nicotine Free Snus

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KickUp Original LargeKickUp Original LargeThe taste and the feeling of KickUp Original are like smokeless tobacco snus..
KickUp StrongKickUp StrongThe taste and the feeling of KickUp Original Mini are like smokeless tobacco snus..
KickUp Real White MintKickUp Real White Mint

KickUp Real White Mint is absolutely free of tobacco..

KickUp Real White OriginalKickUp Real White Original

KickUp Real White Original is absolutely free of tobacco..

KickUpMintKickUpMintThe taste and the feeling are like snuff, but with the big difference ..
Onico Large PortionOnico Large PortionOnico is absolutely free from tobacco and nicotine.. 
Onico Licorice (Lakrits)Onico Licorice (Lakrits)

Onico Licorice is completely nicotine and tobacco free Snus with taste of licorice!

Onico Mini WhiteOnico Mini WhiteOnico Mini White is absolutely non tobacco snuff, free from tobacco and nicotine..
Onico Pepparmint with FlourOnico Pepparmint with FlourOnico Peppermint  snus with Fluor White Large is absolutely free from tobacco and nicotine.  

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