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Unique Swedish snus

Swedish snus is unique in the world. The production process that applies to Swedish snus production differs from the processes used in other countries. All snus production in Sweden is under the Food Act, which means that the additives used are approved for use in food and that a high standard of hygiene is maintained. In addition, Swedish Match has also used its well-known quality standard, GothiaTek in snus production.

Due to Food Act and in combination GothiaTek, Swedish snus preserves its uniqueness in quality and less health risk compared to most other smokeless tobacco products in the world. Swedish Match provides a guarantee a guarantee assuring the consumer that all Swedish Match products undergo controls and maintain the highest quality throughout all the stages of tobacco plant to consumer.

GothiaTek standard has emerged as a result of successful implementation during the last several decades of research on Swedish snus. All these researches have enabled Swedish Match to produce unique products and scientific research reports within the world of tobacco. This standard complains stringent requirements on production methods and defines the highest permitted content levels of the harmful substances that are naturally present in the tobacco plant.

For the safety of your health as a consumer, GothiaTek has to strive to maintain not only the quality standard and uniqueness but also to ensure that the production of Swedish Match's snus is always based on the latest available knowledge regarding the choice of raw materials and production methods.

Swedish Match has launched during the years a number of unique luxurious snus in the market. Kardus Premium Blend and General Onyx are one of them.

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