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When it comes to tobacco, there are a few products that leap immediately to mind. The first, naturally, is cigarettes: the most visible, if not the most popular, tobacco product. We also think of cigars, pipe tobacco, and maybe even chewing tobacco. But there's one other tobacco product that's unique among all of these: snuff.

Needless to say, not all snuffs are created alike. Widely regarded as the finest snuff made in the world is Swedish snus. Swedish snus has exacting manufacturing guidelines (it's classified as a foodstuff, so it has to meet far higher standards). Snus has been manufactured in Sweden for approximately 200 years, and the unique combination of flavors in Swedish snus has yet to be equaled anywhere else in the world. In fact, even Swedish immigrants who tried to manufacture snus in the United States were unable to duplicate the flavor of that achieved in Sweden.

Part of the reason the flavor cannot be duplicated is the unique steam-curing process the tobacco undergoes (most tobacco is fire-cured). The ingredients in snus, however, are deceptively simple: it's a blend of tobacco, water, salt, and other additives for flavor. Because of how it is cured, and also because it is not smoked, snus is markedly more healthful than any other form of tobacco use.

Genuine snus can be difficult (if not impossible) to find outside of Sweden. That's why we at SwedSnus offer quality Swedish white snus online--so you can enjoy snus wherever you happen to live. And since a roll or 10 tins of snus cost about the same as a carton of cigarettes, you'll save money as well.


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Unique Tobacco Products

Most popular Swedish Portion Snus

Most popular Swedish Portion Snus

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Ettan Portion  SnusEttan Portion SnusEttan Pouch is one of the oldest smokeless tobacco snus brands in Sweden.
General Extra Strong  Large SnusGeneral Extra Strong Large SnusGeneral Extra Strong contains very high level of nicotine per portion.
General LicoriceGeneral LicoriceGeneral Licorice Portion Snus with spicy taste!
General Mini White PortionGeneral Mini White Portion

General mini white is slightly peppery with hints of citrus zest and balanced tobacco notes. 

General Onyx Portion Large SnusGeneral Onyx Portion Large SnusGeneral ONYX Portion is a pouch snus with reinforced taste...
General Rustic BlendGeneral Rustic Blend
General Strong WhiteGeneral Strong WhiteA portion-packed General snus with higher nicotine level. With the classic General flavor and a full-bodied tobacco character.
Grovsnus White PortionGrovsnus White PortionGrovsnus white portion is pouch snus with a pure tobacco flavour.. 
Goteborg Rape White Large PortionGoteborg Rape White Large Portion

Goteborg Rape is a pouch snus with a flowery character and exclusive pure taste.

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