White Portion
White Portion Large Snus

White Portion Large Snus

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Tre Ankare white Large PortionTre Ankare white Large Portion

Tre Ankare white portion snus is one of the oldest brans of swedish snus. 

Skruf (Stark) Strong White PortionSkruf (Stark) Strong White Portion

Skruf Strong white is pouch snus with a pure and strong tobacco flavor..

Roda Lacket White Large PortionRoda Lacket White Large Portion

Röda Lacket white portion is pouch snus with mild, slightly sweet element..

Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice white SnusNick and Johnny Crushed Ice white Snus

Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice snus contains very higher amount of nicotine...

LD White Portion SnusLD White Portion Snus

LD White Portion Snus - Swedish low priced snuff

Kronan White StrongKronan White StrongKronan White (Vit) Strong (Stark) Portion Snus is affordable price with strong tobacco taste!
Kronan White Portion SnusKronan White Portion SnusKronan white portion is a unique, yet classical Swedish taste and aroma..
Knox white portionKnox white portion

Knox White pouch snus is a snus with a high quality and distinct tobacco..

Knekt White Portion SnusKnekt White Portion Snus

Jack White Portion is traditional mild tobacco taste with a dash of bergamot..

Kaliber white Portion SnusKaliber white Portion Snus

Kaliber White Portion Snus is medium-bodied and flowery tobacco character..

Grovsnus White PortionGrovsnus White PortionGrovsnus white portion is pouch snus with a pure tobacco flavour.. 
Grovsnus Strong  PortionGrovsnus Strong Portion

Grovssnus Strong (Stark) has unique long lasting taste of Swedish Snus!

Granit White Portion LargeGranit White Portion LargeGranit white portion has pure tobacco taste.
Granit MintGranit MintGranit Mint Portion Snuff
Goteborg Rape White Portion LingonGoteborg Rape White Portion Lingon

This white portion snus is mild tobacco flavor with a slight sweetness..

Goteborg Rape White Large PortionGoteborg Rape White Large Portion

Goteborg Rape is a pouch snus with a flowery character and exclusive pure taste.

Goteborg Rape  Lime White SnusGoteborg Rape Lime White Snus

Rapé Lime snus is dry on the surface and less runny

General White PortionGeneral White Portion

General White Portion Snus is spicy with a trace of lemon ...

General Strong WhiteGeneral Strong WhiteA portion-packed General snus with higher nicotine level. With the classic General flavor and a full-bodied tobacco character.
General Rustic BlendGeneral Rustic Blend
General Onyx Portion Large SnusGeneral Onyx Portion Large SnusGeneral ONYX Portion is a pouch snus with reinforced taste...
Ettan White PortionEttan White Portion

Ettan White Portion Swedish Match snus is one of  the oldest snuff...

Catch White Licorice  Portion snusCatch White Licorice Portion snus

Catch White Licorice Portion is a pouch snus with the taste..

Catch White EucalyptusCatch White Eucalyptus

Catch white eucalyptus is favorite for those who prefer a less moist pouch snus..

Buy Large Swedish White Snus

Buy Large Swedish White Snus

white portion snus
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What is the difference between regular and White Portion snus?

The white portion snus is comparatively drier, milder-tasting compare to regular portion tobacco snus. The material in these brands is not moisturized during the manufacturing process, resulting in a white, dry pouch. But the tobacco within the portion material has the same moisture content as regular portion snus, but the nicotine and flavor differ from regular pouch snuff. The naming white portion has nothing to do with color only refers to style. White portion Swedish snus is available in two different sizes: large/regular and mini. Mini white portion snus levels weigh about 0.5 g and large (original) close to 1 g. Our best sellers in this category are general white, grovsnus, ettan, onyx, skruf, and eucalyptus. These snuff pouches brands are very popular in Sweden and the even USA. White portion snus was first introduced in 2003. 

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Mini White PortionGet mini white portion snus that will allow you to keep discrete under you lip!

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