Red wooden Dala Horse with height 50 cm
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Red Dala Horse

Height: 50 cm

Dala horse with 50 cm height is an unique hand made wooden Swedish souvenir. It traditionally is painted bright red with details and a harness in white, green, yellow and blue. 

Nils Olssons Hemslöjd is almost as old. Today most horses are made in Nusnäs, a little village outside Mora. We offer Dala horses from Nils Olssons Hemslöjd. The wood used in carving dala horse comes from the slow-growing pine forest around Lake Siljan. This wood is perfect for carpentry and carving. The trees to be made into horses are marked out while still standing in the forest. Only the best timber will be selected for carving into horses. The trees are felled and sawn into pieces of a suitable size for the blanks that will eventually be made into Dalecarlian (Dala) horses.

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