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Onico Peppermint White Portion

Onico Pepper Mint is absolutely nicotine and tobacco-free smokeless snus. It provides a well-developed tobacco-like taste as well as flavored with a peppery mint with fresh vanilla felling.

Try this one if you want to stop smoking!


  • Manufacturer: Swedish Match
  • Brand: Onico
  • Content: 24 Pouches/can
  • Strength: Nicotine Free
  • Type: White Portion
  • Format: Large
  • Taste: Mint/Eucalyptus


  • Nicotine Content: 0 %
  • pH: 8.7
  • Moisture content: 46.5 %
  • Snus weight/can: 24 g
  • Weight/portion: 1 g
  • Portions/can: 24
  • Shelf life: 140 days

Ingredients: water, plant fibers, humectants (glycerin, propylene glycol), salt, preservative (sodium lactate), natural and artificial flavors, pH adjusters (magnesium carbonate, sodium carbonate), caramel color, sodium fluoride (equivalent to 0.20 mg of fluoride per portion).

WARNING: This product can cause mouth cancer.


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