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Onico Mini WhiteOnico is absolutely non tobacco snuff, free from tobacco and nicotine..
Choice Salt Licorice

Choice Salt Licorice Mini snus is a completely free of nicotine..

Onico PepparmintOnico is absolutely free from tobacco and nicotine... 
Kick Up MintThe taste and the feeling are like snuff, but with the big difference ..
Onico JuniperOnico composed of plant fibber-based portion pouches, flavoured ..
KickUp Original LargeThe taste and the feeling of KickUp Original are like smokeless tobacco snus..
G�teborg Rape Lime White Snus

Rapé Lime snus is dry on the surface and less runny

Kick Up Real White Mint

KickUp Real White Mint is absolutely free of tobacco..

Onico Ginseng & GuaranaOnico+ is the newest brand of Onico nicotine free snus snuff... 
KickUp Original MiniThe taste and the feeling of KickUp Original Mini are like smokeless tobacco snus..
Choice PepperChoice Pepper - best nicotine free snus
Choice MummaChoice Mumma snus is a completely free of tobacco and nicotine
Choice Lemon

A portion completely is free of tobacco and nicotine

Choice Apple

It is a portion completely free of tobacco and nicotine..

Choice Chilla

Chilla Choice is a nicotine free snus with a good taste

Kick Up Real White Original

KickUp Real White Original is absolutely free of tobacco..

Tobak & Nikotinfri snus

Tobacco and Nicotine is absolutely nicotine free snus

Onico Licorice (Lakrits)

Onico Licorice is completely nicotine and tobacco free

Onico Large PortionOnico is absolutely free from tobacco and nicotine.. 

A Story Bihind Onico - Nicotine free Swedish Snus

"Three years ago, a few genious were gossping about the possible production of Nicotine Free Snus at Swedish Match :" let us produce a nicotine-free pouch. "Maddness!" said one. "Impossible!" said another. A nicotine-free pouch snus well as caffe latte without milk, hamburger without meat or a beer without foam crown? Few understood the charm of this unlikely product, much less could they imagine that there would be a demand.

But this one was something that few other did. There was a gap to fill, a need that still. The nicotine-free pouch onico has been successful. Perhaps it is for the good taste, or the need to diversify itself. Whatever, we know that there are those who drink coffee with and without milk."

However there was a set back of Onico production due to bad quality of raw material of corn fiber. To date, some ten cases of dental caries have been reported from a total of approximately 100,000 Onico users,� says Freddi Lewin, doctor and medical advisor at Swedish Match. We have paid the costs for dental treatment and any travel expenses, loss of earnings and other costs for the individuals in these cases. After extensive research, new recepie has been developed and the risk of dental caries has been eliminated.

The new Onico is available in four varieties: original and mini, which are both similar in taste to traditional snus, and peppermint onico+ ginseng & guarana and juniper.

Onico - Nicotine Free Smokeless Snus

The product name Onico stands for "Zero Nicotine"

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Snus Onico contains neither tobacco nor nicotine - nicotine free snus. It's made from vegetable fibers with aromatic that resembles both peppermint and tobacco in both flavor and smell. It is perfect free nicotine patch. Those who are looking for alternative to cigarette or planning to stop smoking in order to avoid cancer related diseases, Onico might be the best alternative solution for them

How to use Onico nicotine Swedish Snuff?

Onico is a snus that has all the sensations of snus but contains no tobacco no nicotine. It can be put under your lip just like normal snus and is to be pleasured just as normal snus is. Three variants are available: Onico White Large snus, Onico Pepparmint White Large and Onico White Mini snus.

Eine Geschichte Bihind Onico

Nikotin frei Snus

"Vor drei Jahren, ein
paar geniale wurden gossping ber die mogliche Produktion von Nikotin
Free Snus in Swedish Match:" Lassen Sie uns einen Nikotin-free-Etui. "Maddness!"
sagte ein. "Unm glich!" sagte eine andere. Ein Nikotin-freien
Beutel gut wie Caffe Latte, ohne Milch, Hamburger ohne Fleisch oder ein
Bier ohne Schaum Krone? Nur wenige verstanden, den Charme dieses Produkt unwahrscheinlich,
viel weniger konnte sie sich vorstellen, dass es eine Nachfrage.

Aber das war ein etwas,
dass nur wenige andere haben. Es war eine L�cke zu f�llen, die Notwendigkeit,
dass nach wie vor. Die Nikotin-freien Beutel war ein Erfolg. Vielleicht ist
es för den guten Geschmack. Oder die Notwendigkeit, sich zu diversifizieren.
Wie auch immer, wir wissen, dass es diejenigen, die trinken Kaffee mit und ohne
Milch. "

Allerdings gab es wieder
eine Reihe von Onico Erzeugung aufgrund der schlechten Qualit�t der Rohstoff
Mais Faser. "Bis heute, rund zehn F�lle von Karies wurden von insgesamt
rund 100.000 Onico Nutzer", sagt Freddi Lewin, Arzt und medizinischer Berater
bei Swedish Match. "Wir haben bezahlt die Kosten f�r zahn�rztliche
Behandlung und alle Reisekosten, Verdienstausfall und sonstige Kosten f�r
die Einzelpersonen in diesen F�llen." Nach umfangreichen Forschung,
neue recepie entwickelt wurde und die Gefahr von Karies hat, wurden eliminiert.

Die neue Onico gibt es in
vier Sorten: Original und Mini, die beide in �hnlichen Geschmack zu traditionellen
Snus, und Pfefferminze und Wacholder.

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