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Onico Pepparmint White Portion



Tobacco-Free Peppermint White Portion Snus

The Onico Pepparmint White portion light Peppermint snus is a tobacco-like character with a clear element of peppermint, and slightly vanilla. A large prill that is dry on the surface with a moist content for low flow rate and a lasting flavor release.

Now we carry out recipe improvements * on Onico pepparmint white portion snus that make the product darker and more sleazy in taste than before. In the new recipe, bamboo fibers have been replaced with cocoa fibers, which results in the product getting a more bearable and more fruity taste. The cocoa fibers also make the product darker and thus more sleazy than before.

Ingredients: water, plant fibers, humectants (E 422, E 1520), salt, preservatives (E 325), aromas, acidity regulators (E 504, E 500), dye (E 150c).


Nicotine content: 0%
pH value: 8.7
Moisture content: 46%
Snuff weight / can: 24 g
Weight / portion: 1 g
Number of prills / box: 24 pcs
Shelf life: 140 Days
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