Buy Swedish Snus Online

Buy Swedish Snus Online

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We are not allowed to sell Swedish snus to EU!  If you still place an order, we will refund your money with a deduction of $10 USA dollar for official and bank charges. Customers of EU can only order Dala horses!

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Swedish Snus

Warning: Smokeless tobacco is addictive!!

Buy Swedish Snus smokeless tobacco at our online Snus store and make huge savings. Where to buy Swedish snus? We delivery snus online worldwide except EU.

We use Swedish Post that is reliable and provides express delivery of your order directly to your door. Visit our site often and explore new brands of snus that might be suitable exactly to you.

We are sure you will always find unique quality tobacco free as well as tobacco snus from Sweden here Besides, we have also a huge collection of Swedish wood sculptures; Dala wooden horses for you. These Swedish Gifts you can purchase at  excellent prices.

Order Swedish Snus Online 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year! Purchase tobacco Snus from us with Confidence!

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 Loose Snus

Warning: These Products including  Ettan, General, Göteborgs rape, skruf, Catch, Lucky Strike, and all smokeless tobacco are not safe alternative- according to FDA, USA!!

Buy original loose snus, Swedish Match snus, Goteborgs rape, catch, skruf strong, smokeless tobacco loose snus online and save both time and money.

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Portion Snus

Explore our portion smokeless snus snuff, pre-packaged tobacco powder in small tea bags. Best seller tobacco snus pouches are General, Skruf, Catch Licorice, Eucalyptus and Lucky Strike.

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Mini Portion Snus

Swedish Girls use the mini version of snuff, Catch Mini licorice, General Mini, Romeo y Julieta. They are very small to keep the lip so that nobody can see!!

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Low Priced Snus

Those who are looking for cheap Swedish smokeless snus tobacco, please visit this page to find all low priced snuffs, e.g; Knox, Level, Kronan, Ld and gold low priced snus.

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Maxi Portion Snus

On this page, you can easily find extra large portion snus that is Granit Maxi Portion. General Maxi portion snus is not available anymore. Where to buy Swedish Snus? You can order snus online at our snus shop:

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Nicotine Free Snus

If you are planning to quit smoking even nicotine chewing gum, nicotine tobacco free snus like Onico, Onico mini and kickup are the best alternatives to you.Try It!

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Icetool Snus Portioner

Icetool is alternative to Prismaster, that helps to form loose snus and put in place a pinch of snuff of right size under the lip. Several colors Icetools such as Icetool stainless steel, Aluminium Red, Blue, Titan, Blue Snus portioner are available!

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Dala Horse

Find a huge selection of Swedish Gifts including Traditional Dala Horse, Red Wooden Horse , "Old Red " wooden horse, Old Dala Black Horse, Blue Horse, Sotis, Dala Wooden Rooster, Dala Horse Jewelry. You can easily choose your favorite one. Visit now!

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Snus Box

Icetool Snus Boxes are found in two types; one for portion snus and other of loose snus. All Icetool snus boxes are very elegant designed and made of pure high-quality stainless steel and aluminum.

Why will you buy snus from us?

We guarantee that You will get always fresh and good quality of tobacco snus from anywhere in the World. We sell 10% cheaper than our nearest competitors. We offer you 100% money back guarantee if the purchased snus, snus accessories, and Swedish Crafts or any product from us is not satisfactory!

Snus Can save many Smokers lives!
According to Dr. Rodu, University of Louisville, smokeless tobacco can save millions of smokers lives.

"Doctors: Swedish Snus Cut Risk of Cancer"

Rudy says that smokeless tobacco is between 90-98 percent less harmful than smoking tobacco since it carries no risks for lung cancer, emphysema or heart disease. Dr. Rodu has provided concrete facts and valuable advice on a revolutionary quit-smoking strategy that is based on scientific research and common sense in his book" For Smokers Only: How Smokeless Tobacco Can Save Your Life" - Den
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Summary of Swedish Snus

Swedish Snus has more than 150 years tradition. Jacob Fredrik Ljunglof, who started producing snus tobacco in 1822. Within a few years, Jacob Fredrik Ljunglof became widely recognized as a high-quality snus smokeless tobacco producer and his brand accepted as a number one quality product. Since then his product is known as Ettan that are in both loose and portion forms. Now there are more than 100 brands of snooze smokeless tobacco products in Sweden.

Swedish Match is the leading snus manufacturer in the market. The most dominants brands are Ettan, General, Grovsnus, Catch, Granit, Gustavus, and Skruf.

Swedish snuff is taken underneath the upper lip and therefore is known as oral Snus tobacco. They are moist in order to ease use. There are two types of snus in Sweden; loose and pouches.

Loose Snus are sold in cans of 50 g. Pouches are available in two sizes: 1 gram portion (24 g portions per can) and mini portion Snus of 0.5 gram per portion or 0.3 gram per portion (20 portions per can). Both loose and pouch snus of the same brand contain same high-quality tobacco and other additives and have the same strength and taste.

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