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About Us

About Us-

-Our Mission-

Our mission is to provide the best quality nicotine and tobacco-free snus to as many smokers as possible worldwide so that they can quit smoking and live healthier!

Why do we sell nicotine and tobacco-free snus?

It is well known that smoking can cause cancer almost anywhere in your body.  Only in the United States, more than  480,000  people die due to smoking cigarettes every year.   Globally,  tobacco alone kills more than 7 million people each year.  Nicotine and tobacco-free snus can save a million lives if smokers switch from cigarettes to tobacco-free snus.

Where do you buy tobacco-free snus?

We at strive to bring for you a wide range of unique nicotine-free Swedish snus pouches. Our products are totally smoke-free and ensure no health risk not only you even if any around you while you use tobacco-free snus brands.  Is Swedish nicotine-free snus safer than dip?  Yes, it is safer. Our top brands are kickup original, kickup strong, onico original, and onico white.  Click here to buy nicotine and tobacco-free snus

We also original handmade Swedish Dala horses of red, blue, black, and white with different sizes. The Dala wooden horse has been considered as a symbol of all Swedish handicrafts. We guarantee you will get Swedish wood sculptures always at great prices. Click here to shop Dala horses

Company Permanent address:

Swedsnus/Swedlex AB
Elin Wägnersgatan 54
754 41 Uppsala