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Our aim is to offer a better alternative to smoking cigarettes to help millions of smokers to quit smoking. Cigarettes are the number one killer in our modern time. Both smokers even nonsmokers have affected by cancer! Therefore snus might be the best option for smokers to quit smoking but not be absolutely risk-free! Who Else Wants To Quit Smoking And Feel Great like A Sportsman! We strive always to provide quality Swedish Match Smokeless snus of more than 100 brands of Portion-Snus-Large.

In the USA and in many other European countries snus is known as snuff. We guarantee you will get your snus always fresh and new wherever you live in this world. snus site, Swedish snuff, snus, snus snuff, snus can, snus Swedish; Snus snuff Swedsnus is growing. We have already added several new products and planning to add more to satisfy our customer’s demands for Swedish products.

We have added nontobacco snus that means Tobacco-Free-Snus, absolute,
nicotine-free snus.

But the taste and feeling you get are almost the same as if you consume ordinary snus.

You can order Swedish crafts; e.g., Dala Wooden Horse.

Please visit our site often for new and unique Swedish products! Our vision is to bring all brands of Swedish snus/snuff and Swedish crafts online so that you can enjoy this. New Swedish Snus Helps You Feel Great like A Sportsman. Guaranteed! As Snus is very sensitive to time, temperature and water, we do not stock snus, whenever we get your order, we immediately contact the factory to send your items to our store for packing and necessary control then send them to you as a first-class letter. We take the highest precaution in packing your snus to ensure that your snus will not get in contact with water or anything else that might contaminate them during transport.

The packages are sealed as well as very light so that you don’t need to pay high freight charges. We take 5 similar precautions in the packing of other products too.