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Home of Nicotine Free Snus and Dala Horse


Nicotine & Tobacco Free Snus

Nicotine and tobacco-free snus are produced using herbs, salty licorice roots, water, preservative natural, and artificial flavors.    All raw materials are carefully chosen to ensure Swedish quality controlled by Swedish authorities.  We offer several sorts of nicotine-free snus.  Those who are planning to quit smoking and consuming nicotine, smokeless tobacco, and nicotine-free snus might be an alternative better choice for them. We supply nicotine-free snus worldwide.  Is tobacco-free snus bad for you?  Yes,  it is not good for health like any other, not eatable products.  However,  it is safer than smokeless tobacco snus.  Does tobacco-free snus cause cancer? So far we know, there are no pieces of evidence of caused cancer using nicotine-free snus. 

Swedish Dala Horses

The Dala wooden horses and roosters are genuine Swedish wooden crafts. There is a very interesting history behind this wooden sculpture.

Some authors claim that the Dala Horses originated in the Swedish province of Dalarna (Dalecarlia) probably in the 1700s. In those days the Dala horse was mostly a toy for children, but nowadays it is dominating as a symbol for Dalarna or even sometimes for the whole of Sweden. Most of the tourists who visit Sweden always look for this unique piece of wooden horse for their beloved one from Sweden. The Dala Horse is very Swedish!

The wood hand-made Dala Horse became internationally known as a unique wooden Swedish Dala horse after the displayed at the Paris Exposition in the mid-19th century. The design and hand painting skills used in creating the Dala horses were so unique and uncommon that the Dala horse was accepted by many audiences as one of the most popular wooden crafts in Europe.

Since then exact skills for creating the Dala Horse have been passed from generation to generation and today it is one of the few living folk traditions of Sweden. The preparation of the Dala horse is very time-consuming but performed with great care and love.

Men of the village carve the horses at home, bringing them back to the main workshop to be painted by skilled artists there. All the woods that are used are very special and unique qualities.

Most Nusnäs-Mora Dala Horses are the traditional reddish color. But due to the growing demands of Dala horses in various colors, the same workshops also produce blue, black, white, yellow, and natural horses. that are presented on Traditional Dala Horse pages.

Dala Horse or Swedish Dala horse has evolved into a symbol of all Swedish handicrafts. The traditional color of Dalarna horses is a bright orange-red, but they are also to be found in natural wood or painted white, blue, or black, all with brightly colored painted curb type trim. Every horse is unique as it is hand-carved and painted by at least nine different persons with their different skills.

We sell only dalarna hoses that are made by Nils Olsson Hemslöjd located in Nusnäs, Sweden in the province of Dalarna. Nils Olsson has also been making wooden roosters mora clocks, and more!