News on  Snus

News on Snus

A smokeless tobacco product called snus, which a user puts between his gums and his upper lip, has a long history in Sweden. At the start of the last century, it was the most common way Swedes ingested nicotine. By the early 1950s, however, sales of snus had been overtaken by cigarettes, a trend that continued for two decades.
But in time, snus made a comeback, while cigarette use steadily declined. As of 2012, only 13 percent of adult Swedes smoked, less than half the European Union rate. Meanwhile, 19 to 21 percent of Swedish males use snus, which is now more prevalent than cigarettes. (Swedish women, for some reason, stuck with smokes.) Click here to know more about smokeless tobacco.
  1. Buy Swedish Mini Snus and Quit Smoking!

    Due to growing concern of smoking and public health hazard, many states have taken several measures to help people quit smoking cigarettes.   As you pick a cigarette packet you can read on the packet, “Cigarette causes cancer”.  All educational institutions, hospital, public gathering places including both government and private organizations have imposed ban on smoking inside the buildings.  Besides these, massive campaigns against smoking have been carrying out via radio, TV, News papers and many others. The outcome of these appears to be quite successful.
    Still many smokers are not convinced to quit totally their consumption of nicotine. They have been looking for alternative to cigarettes. Many of them are very conscious about how they may cause indirectly harmful to non smokers and children, old people particularly people with asthma and heart diseases.  All of these inspire many to find new products such as Swedish smokeless tobacco snus  to substitute cigarette.   
    There are multiple brands and sizes of Swedish snus in the tobacco market today. Here I will present a few brands of mini original portion snus.  These are perfect for those are new to use snus. The another reason for launching mini portion snus is that many consumer want to have smaller in order to be more discreet while they have snus packet in their mouths. The journey of mini snus stated in 1984.

    Romeo y Julieta Mini Dry Portion snuff

    Romeo y Julieta Mini Dry Portion snus is a classic high quality of smokeless snuff. It is made of mixed Cuban tobacco. This brand of Snus snuff offers gentle, smooth flavors of tobacco as well as well balanced between a fresh citrus and a hint of licorice. It also provides a long-standing tradition of the Cuban cigar
    • Type: Snus Snuff
    • Nicotine content: 4mg / g
    • Content per can: 7.5 g
    • Producer: Scandinavian Premium Tobacco
    General Original Portion Mini

    General mini portion snus
     is a coarse pouch snus with a character of lemon. In 1989 Swedish Match launched general mini in Sweden and and Norway. Like general large portion  general snuff, mini portion becomes one of the most sold snus worlwide market. One can of mini general portion tobacco snus contains 10 grams tobacco.

    • Water
    • Tobacco
    • Humectants (E 1520)
    • Taste enhancer (table salt)
    • Acidity regulator (E 500)
    • Flavour substances incl. Smoke food flavour
    • Water: ca 50 %
    • Nicotine: ca 4 mg/pouch
    • Salt: ca 3 %
About Swedish Snus

About Swedish Snus