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Stop Smoking With Tobacco Free Snus

Nicotine Free Smokeless Snus Onico White Mini snus

Onico contains neither tobacco or nicotine. It’s made from vegetable fibers with aromatic that resembles both peppermint and tobacco in both flavor and smell. Onico is a snuff that has all the sensations of smokeless tobacco snus but contains no tobacco no nicotine. It can be put under your lip just like normal snus and is to be pleasured just as normal snus is.

Onico is for snuffers that want to cut down on their nicotine consumption, says Mikael Arnebert Director Information, Public Affairs North Europe Division. With Onico the snus users can replace one or several of their ordinary portions with a tobacco and nicotine free alternative.

Onico White Large, Onico Peppermint White Large and then Onico White Mini.

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